About Us

Hi, we are wine traveling buddies. We are married as well :). Our names are Jeff & Michelle, we go by @Grabthembythegrapes & @WineCraft on Instagram. Our journey started back in 2012. We didn’t like wine, but we never tasted something we liked. We thought it all tasted like vinegar.

  My mom provided us a bottle of “Clarion River Red” from @thewineryatwilcox. It was like heaven in a bottle. We said, wow, wine can taste this good. In the meantime, it was a sweet wine. Our friends took us on our first wine trail on the Lake Erie Wine Trail back in 2014. Had they known that they were creating a monster. 🙂 We’ve grown so much over the past 5 years. My palate went from sweet – dry as my favorite, and Michelle’s went to a semi-dry in between the road.

We love to visit as many wineries as possible each year. I’m into visiting as many new ones annually as well.  I hope you follow us on our wine journeys.


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